About VEJP Software

Value Engineering is a systematic, organized technique that can greatly help in improving the value of a product, process, service, etc... The term value can be expressed as,

Value = Function / Cost

Thus theoretically the value can be improved by,
1. Improving the 'function' with a reduction in 'cost',
2. Improving the 'function' at the same 'cost'
3. Reducing the 'cost' without compromising the 'function'
4. Improving the 'function' at a greater proportion than the rate of increase in 'cost'
5. Reducing the 'cost' at a greater proportion than the rate of decrease in 'function'

As value engineering does not compromise functions, the fifth way of decreasing function is not acceptable.

Since the invention of Value Engineering by L.D.Miles in the Second World War, this powerful technique has been used by many people in different countries in various fields, for reducing cost without compromising functionality. Proper understanding and usage of Value Engineering has always resulted in great savings, irrespective of the field it was applied.

Value Engineering is a functional approach and its success lies in its effective Job plan. Shortly, it helps in identifying Functions and creatively looks for better valued alternatives to accomplish that particular function.

This web based software provides a step by step guidance of Value Engineering Job Plan so that it greatly enhances the feel and use of Value Engineering Methodology. In addition, it not only provides easy, quick and better way of implementing Value Engineering but also stores all projects in its database which can be used for future reference, thus saving lots of paper and documentation works.